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0 Older Couples Still Believe In Love!

Do Older Couples Still Believe In Love!

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In today's time, we often wonder do older people still have that burning desire they had back in the old days? The answer is YES! We at LegacyAtHand believe that LOVE is also a major factor in your legacy. You can have a major story to tell your grand children and great grands, but LOVE is something you want to show them.

Stories that we are capturing have been amazing over the past 2 years. We've met singles & widowed but the most coolest are the couples. The story behind each partners life before they met each other has a lot to do with them still being together today. 

When we ask the question "So how did you guys meet?" Man o man, words began to pour out. Many couples say that love was more excepted and open 30-40 years ago. Every song on the radio or live concert was about love. Baby Boomers grew up on love. This means that love has a major impact of your legacy. Some people legacies started based on love. 

Do They Still Light The Flame?

Yes! The flame still gets a spark. Most couples still go on outings, movie dates, walks in the park, live concerts and more. Basically keep that "Old School Love" in the new generation. 

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