Tuesday, November 6, 2012

0 Tune In Today's Show "The Price of Victory"

    Your Host Aasim Ali and Co-Host Bryant "Uncensored" Moore want to welcome our callers and chatters to The LegacyatHand Network Show where we discuss all things in the creation of a Legacy. The subject of our show "The Price of Victory"



     Freedom is not free, and there is a price that must be paid for Democracy. We already know that from America history how dear the price can be, and we see it around the world. At the end of today’s Presidential Campaign, who will have paid the price to renovate this house call America?

Will it be the American people paying with their SWEAT EQUITY?


Will it be the American billionaires paying with there MONEY?

At Legacyathandnetwork.com we will talk more about the outcome of Election 2012. It could be an early outcome, but we might be in for a long night. 

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